Verifiable Credential

Verifiable credentials can power your business like never before: coupons, customer loyalty cards, digital receipts, warranties, and more. Digital verifiable credentials give you the peace of mind that security, privacy, and transparency for your customers and vendors are insured. Demo Now
Using Microsoft Authenticator, one of the most popular security apps for mobile phones, Cogmento Verifiable Credentials allow any business to use Microsoft as their trusted wallet.

What are verifiable credentials?

verifiable credentials and microsoft entra


Verifiable Credentials powered by Microsoft Entra

Verifiable credentials, or digital credentials or digital identity, are a powerful tool for businesses to enhance security, streamline processes, and improve trust. In the Automotive / Car industry, verifiable credentials are being issued for driver's licenses and will soon be used for automobile titles, sales receipts, repair tickets, and more. Microsoft Entra powers Cogmento's Verifiable Credentials Management (VCM) platform and can be customized for any industry.

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